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The MEV Owners Forum



The MEV Owners Group aims to provide support to kitcar enthusiasts, builders and Owners of MEV designed automotive products. It hopes to encourage its owners and followers, not only to share via the clubs Forum build knowledge and experiences, but to meet in person at various major kit car and automotive events throughout the year.



Although the Club is in its relative infancy, with more and more kits as well as turn key MEV designed vehicles being sold and completed, there is a growing emphasis on usage which is why now the social side of MEV Ownership is fast coming to the fore front.


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2nd Annual Mog'ers Meeting


Is to be held at the Curborough Sprint Course facility on the 23rd July 2011



Following last years success book your place early on the Forum so as not to miss out.



Click here to read Adam Wilkins - (Features Editor of Complete Kit Car Magazine), personal visit report about the first 1st AMM in 2010.


MEV Rocket Race Series


"RTR and Team MEV are proud to announce that the 750 Motor Club have offered us the opportunity to have a MEV Rocket one make race series. The first customer has placed an order and we are building the race car so that it can initially run in the Kit Cars 340bhp per tonne class or the All Comers during 2011with a view to our own grid when we have enough numbers. So if you fancy club racing then contact Leighton at RTR for more information."


Email: sales@roadtrackrace.com



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With a well supported Forum and Annual Mog'ers Meet (AMM) now established, potential new MEV Owners can obtain a true independent feel for what its like to build, own and drive a MEV kit car.





  • TEAM MEV…….the collective name for the separate operations of MEV Ltd and Road Track Race, are struggling to keep up with orders at the moment.

    MEV, run by Stuart Mills, are currently concentrating on the Sonic and Exocet models, with the latter in particular winning lots of fans, for its innovative Mazda MX-5 donor base and its down-to-earth price, which means that if you are careful, and sell the parts of the Mazda you don’t need for your MEV build, you can be on the road for a little over £2000. Given the austere climate the media are joyously telling us we’re currently enduring that’s a good news story.

  • Road Track Race are in the news again this week………as they celebrate the fact that their Australian agent, Terry Southam of Booragoon, Western Australia-based, Southam Automotive Engineering has successfully managed to get a MEV Rocket compatible (and therefore road-legal) with the stringent Australian ADR regulations….our Antipodean readers can find out more via www.southam.com.au

  • Complete Kit Car launch Project MEV EXOCET - CKC embarks on their latest in house project, Ian Stent introduces the new car and goes in search of a donor - Part 1. 

  • RTR announce BIVA service.........!!!!!!

  • RTR confirms Aussie order for 4 Rockets, a Trike and an Atomic

  • First Major UK KIT CAR show of the year 'Stoneleigh' coming up fast ! - MEV Owners Group Club pitch is now booked.

  • Steve passes IVA with his Sonic7 'turbo'
  • USA Exocet builders start to receive kits

kit car or kit cars, MEV Owners Club range of modern kitcars are true kit cars of the future. MEV Rocket kit cars, MEV Sonic7 Kit cars or MEV Exocet Kit cars MEV Owners Club