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Ian Hyne - 'Sonic7'
Editor of KIT CAR magazine
"MEV’s new Sonic7 is a brilliant kit car".


Adam Wikins - 'Exocet'
Features editor 'Complete kit car' magazine
" You would not believe how good the Exocet kit car is".


Stacy Vickers - 'Rocket'

Track Driver

"The steering was quick and direction change was immediate. In fact, it was probably the fastest car to change direction I've driven since the Lancia Stratos"


Ian Stent - 'Rocket'

Editor of Complete Kit Car

"The Rocket is a dynamic tour de force. It's turned out to be quite exceptional. Adam was buzzing from his day behind the wheel."


Ian Hyne - 'Rocket'

Editor of Kit Car Magazine

"Handling wise the Rocket is a delight. The steering has the car scything into the turns with utterly confidence inspiring grip."

Ian Stent - 'Sonic7'
Editor of Complete Kit Car Magazine
"I think the Sonic7 is perhaps one of the best designs we’ve seen for many years".


Steve Hole - 'The Company'
Editor of Total Kit Car magazine
" MEV Ltd is what the kit car industry should be all about".


Ian Stent - "Sonic7"

Editor of Complete Kit Car Magazine

"That any kit car should look this fresh, be based around a modern donor and offer such blistering performance means its superb value"

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With MEV having now released a number of differing designs, 3 or 4 wheels, electric or petrol (diesel is always an option) and bodied or exoskeleton a design MEV have over the years produced them all. This has given the Worlds press ample opportunity to confer, review and write about, below is just a sample of what the press think including links to gain access to the full magazine reviews / tests.


'Remember its a wise man that does the necessary background checks before choosing which kit car to build' 

Consider Team MEV's range of kitcars before buying a Caterham, Cobra, Westfield, Aerial Atom or a Lotus 7 type kit car